**The video above may be disturbing to viewers.

AVON LAKE, Ohio (WJW) — Video released to the FOX 8 I-Team takes you inside an Avon Lake daycare to see how a toddler suffered a broken leg.

It gives us the first look at what happened as the first charges have been filed against a daycare worker.

Records show Emily Coghlan now hit with a felony charge of child endangering and a misdemeanor charge of assault.

The case revolves around what happened inside the Sweet Kiddles child care center.

The I-Team sat down with the parents of the victim, a 15-month-old boy. They say, last Friday, they took him to daycare and when he got home, they realized he was suffering.

“He didn’t want to play. He couldn’t stand. He was scream crying.” said his mother, Nadine Porcelli.

“After that, we found out he was dropped. That means so many different things,” said his father, Jim Tabor.

Security video from the daycare shows what happened. Investigators say the worker picked up the child by the arm, swung him out of the way and dropped him. That caused his right leg to break.

The child’s mom and dad reviewed the video and reacted.

“Like, she just dropped him. Throws him. Throws him. Let’s be real on that,” Porcelli said. “She throws him on the floor and then doesn’t do anything about it. Just walks away. And he’s trying to get up this whole time and nobody’s doing anything about it.”

“I mean, it’s just any parent’s worst nightmare, and you’re helpless watching from the tape,” Tabor said.

The parents say video from the same day shows that same worker got rough with their child in another encounter, knocking his head back before picking him up.

The family is now exploring a lawsuit.

Attorney Marco Bocciarelli with Friedman, Domiano and Smith told us he’s still investigating. He also noticed that same worker on that same day getting rough with other kids.

“It hurts me to the core to look at this video,” Bocciarelli said. “We’ve already sent a letter to them saying, ‘You need to preserve all the surveillance video that you have because we want to know how long has this been going on.’”

The I-Team checked state records. We found Sweet Kiddles with a 4-star rating. The last full inspection shows only a couple of issues noted and they were quickly corrected.

This week, the owner of Sweet Kiddles issued the following statement:

On Friday, September 9, a toddler suffered an injury while under the watch of one of our caregivers at our Avon Lake location. This was an extremely unfortunate situation and isolated incident, and we pride ourselves on providing a safe, loving and nurturing environment at all times. As soon as we were made aware of the incident, we immediately terminated the caregiver, reported it to Child Protective Services (in accordance with state law) and worked with the family to file a police report.

Sweet Kiddles is cooperating fully with the family and authorities while simultaneously conducting our own internal review of policies and trainings with our entire staff.

The daycare owner did not have any additional comment for this story beyond the earlier statement.

The I-Team also reached out to the state agency overseeing daycare operations.

A spokesperson sent an email saying, in part, “ We are aware of an incident at this center. While we can’t speak as whether we are investigating a specific program, it would be typical for us to look further into serious incidents in a licensed program.”

The parents wonder why no one else from the daycare reported anything or tried to put a stop to what happened.

A report Sweet Kiddles sent to the state agency included a line that said, “No incidents were noted by lead teacher in the classroom.”

Meanwhile, Thursday morning, Coughlin pleaded not guilty to the charges filed.

However, police plan to take the case to a county grand jury for consideration of more charges.