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CLEVELAND (WJW)– New Cleveland police video just released to the FOX 8 I-Team takes you into a burning home for the rescue of a man in a wheelchair. And, the video shows the rescuers ended up there in an unusual way.

It happened last month off West 47th Place. The I-Team first revealed dash cam video from the Ohio State Highway Patrol and now police body camera video takes you inside the rescue.

You see two police officers jump out of their patrol car and start running toward a raging fire. Two homes had caught fire.

One officer opens a door and he finds a man in a wheelchair, a woman, and a state trooper who’d scrambled in moments earlier.

You hear chaos and someone saying , “He can’t walk He can’t walk.” An officer asks, “Anyone else here?”

In the background, you hear a fire truck as the flames continue to light up the sky.

The trooper then asks for help with the man in the wheelchair, saying, “Can you get on the other side?” Then, you see the two officers and the trooper struggle to lift the man in the wheelchair down some steps.

As they do, one officer says, “Come on, we gotta get him away from this fire. It’s about to blow.”

Suddenly, the trooper hurriedly pushes the man in the wheelchair away from the scene and an officer turns to hustle the woman away from the house, too.

The body camera video also reveals an incredible chain of events leading up to this.

We revealed earlier, the state trooper hurried to the scene after he’d been stopped along the highway, and someone came up to tell him about the fire.

Now, the new video shows the Cleveland officers only went there because they saw the trooper going. They had no idea what they were getting into as they followed.

One officer can be heard saying to the trooper, “We just saw your lights and we started coming.”

He responded with, “Oh… Not responding to this?”

And the officer then said, “We’re like, ‘Where’s he going?’ We didn’t know if you were by yourself, so we started coming.”

Trooper Hiram Morales, and Officers Molly Madaras and Corey Rose carried out the rescue.

They saved lives with almost no time to spare.

“I was sitting in my porch on the computer, and I heard him yelling and I looked out,” said the woman who was rescued from the home.

The people inside looked out and saw the flames. Then, they saw help they’d never even called showing up and showing courage.

Fire investigators determined the fire started accidentally as someone filled a kerosene heater.