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CLEVELAND (WJW) – Video released to the FOX 8 I-Team shows the moment someone threw a can of beer at a Cleveland Browns Game, leaving a fan with serious injuries.

This gives us the first look at the incident. It comes with the victim making a new push for justice after two different prosecutors have ruled no charges.

The I-Team obtained stadium security video through a records request. We took the video to Stephanie Allen.

She went to a Browns game last December and the can of beer sent her to the hospital.

In the video, you see the crowd erupt in cheering. You see a silver object flying through the air from an upper seating area down to a lower area.

Stephanie watched and said, “He intentionally threw it. Anybody looking at that video can see it was intentional. It didn’t just slip out of his hand.”

She watched more of the video and pointed out, “That’s my husband, and that’s me… I’m down right there. My husband’s looking at me.”

Cleveland Police labeled a report felony assault, but no one has ever been charged. So, this summer, Stephanie turned to the I-Team and we began investigating.

The security video we reviewed is the clip turned over to investigators.

Again, you see the can get thrown. You see Stephanie, her husband, and a co-worker below. But, oddly, you don’t see the can hit Stephanie.

“It doesn’t show… It’s like a piece is missing,” she said.

We’re told that is all of the video in the file reviewed by Cuyahoga County prosecutors. We have also requested the file reviewed by city of Cleveland Prosecutors.

“I mean, it hurt, it felt like a car hit me,” Stephanie remembered.

A police report shows, out of the tens of thousands of fans going into the stadium for that game, investigators identified a suspect. They did it by looking at the security video and tracing the tickets used for the seats where this all started.

The Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office decided the person to blame recklessly caused harm, so no felony charges were filed.

Then, days ago, the city prosecutor ruled no lesser charges, either. For this story, we went back to that office and left a message seeking an explanation.

Meanwhile, Stephanie pointed out, “I have a permanent dent in my head.”

She says she still suffers from migraines and dizziness. So, she’s been forwarding more medical records to the city prosecutor hoping someone will reconsider charges.

The mayor’s office did tell us last week that the city prosecutor could reconsider charges after reviewing more medical records.

We’ll update the story if something changes.