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CLEVELAND (WJW)– The FOX 8 I-Team obtained video showing how Cleveland police rushing to a call were delayed by dirt bikes.

It happened as police hurried to a crash that left a car stuck on train tracks.

So many times, packs of dirt bike riders have taken over streets and terrorized drivers like you. And this time, even the police were blocked by the dirt bike riders.

This incident happened weeks ago, and now police video and dispatch tapes have been released to the I-Team.

Calls started coming in to 911 from train tracks off East 93rd Street in Cleveland.

“There’s an accident. It’s on the train tracks, too,” a witness told dispatch.

“A car is stuck on the train tracks?” the dispatcher said.

Meantime, dispatch recordings show patrol officers calling in.

“We’re trying to get to this accident. There’s a bunch of dirt bike, four-wheelers. They are preventing us from getting through. They’re surrounding us.”

“They won’t get out of the middle of the road,” an officer said.

The officers delayed by dirt bikes even asked dispatch for help.

“If you could get somebody out here to get ‘em out of the way, that’d be great,” one officer said.

“Sam 23, you have any traffic units available?” a dispatcher asked a police supervisor.

“CSX is saying there’s a train headed that way,” a dispatcher reported.

The patrol car held up by dirt bikes did get past them. Video shows, as those officers got to the scene, other emergency crews were already there. Plus, the video shows, dirt bikes circling around at the scene.

“All these dirt bikes. They were surrounding our car. We couldn’t get by,” one officer told someone at the scene.

Rescuers helped victims of the crash. The cars involved were moved off the tracks. No train came through.

But, many citizens complain police should do more about dirt bikes taking over the streets. Officers complain their bosses won’t let them do more about the bikes.

Here, the riders interfered with a call for help after a crash on train tracks.

The video also shows an officer yelling at one rider at the scene.

“Hey, are you….serious? Get the…out of here.”

A police report and the recordings do not show any tickets issued to any riders, and they do not show any arrests.

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