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CLEVELAND (WJW) – The FOX 8 I-Team has uncovered new video showing a postal carrier confronted when he turned away from a customer without delivering the mail.

The showdown took place in the same neighborhood where we’ve revealed many other complaints.

Pete Paiscik recorded video of a mail carrier turning and leaving just before he got to Paiscik’s mailbox.

You hear Paiscik ask, “Where’s my mail?” He then says, “I’m recording you. Are you recording me?”

Paiscik tells us he’s had trouble with a mailman the I-Team put a spotlight on before. The letter carrier has caused an uproar in the Bellaire-Puritas section of Cleveland.

Many people there have complained the mailman won’t deliver due to dogs, even a cat, and doors left open where an animal could run out.

On the cell phone video, the mailman says, “Yeah, you just opened your door when I was coming to your mailbox.”

“So, what? If you didn’t see my dog, you have to deliver my mail,” Paiscik responds.

Yet, the video shows the mailman turning and leaving.

Paiscik says he keeps his dog inside, but, long ago the mailman raised an issue, so he moved his mailbox to the back.

“I told him, ‘Hey, let’s avoid all this. That way, there’s no contact with us. No contact with the dog,” he said.

We sent the video of the latest customer encounter with the mail carrier to the Postal Service. We also sent it to the office of Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur. In September, her office said she’d be looking into the concerns with mail delivery in this neighborhood.

For this story, a US Postal Service spokesperson issued a statement that said, in part, “For the safety of our letter carriers, the Postal Service asks customers to keep their doors closed during delivery times when there is a dog present at the residence. At this home, there has been an incident with a dog due to the customer opening their door which interfered with delivery, so the letter carrier has been instructed not to hand mail to the customer. Local management has been in contact with this customer about the matter and we will continue to attempt delivery as long as it is safe for the letter carrier.”

But the office of Congresswoman Kaptur also issued a statement that said, “While for the privacy of our constituents we cannot comment on specific casework, our office is actively engaged with neighbors regarding the delivery of their mail.”

In September, when we first reported on the mail problems, we tried to talk to that mailman and he drove off.

Paiscik believes getting mail shouldn’t be so hard.

“I’d just like my mail to be delivered like any other carrier would deliver,” he said.

So, is that mail carrier being cautious? Or, being unreasonable?  You decide.

We’ll let you know what, if anything, comes out of the complaints being made.