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CLEVELAND (WJW) – Video just released to the FOX 8 I-Team shows the moment a dirt bike rider fired gunshots at Cleveland police.

That led to a manhunt and investigation. Now, two men have been indicted.

You can hear the gunfire on Cleveland police body camera video. Five shots can be heard and officers shout, “Shots fired, shots fired, shots fired.”

A report shows, in August, police cleared a crowd in a parking lot on West 65th. One dirt bike rider crashed and, as police questioned him and began to arrest him, another dirt bike rider circled.

The video shows officers already on alert for a gun either on the rider getting arrested or on the one watching.

An officer asked the man who had crashed, “You have a gun on you? Seen you reaching for one.”

Meanwhile, an officer said on police radio, “Dirt bike has decided to circle around us.”

He told other officers, “You see him pointing a fake gun at me? It was a hand, but he’s doing ‘that’ (motions like shooting a gun).”

Police found no gun, but then, they heard the gunfire.

Video shows a dirt bike rider then taking off out of the parking lot and police cars hurrying out with sirens blaring.

Officers also then searched the street for bullet casings.

One officer said, “Help me find these casings. These will be a big deal.”

The video also shows an officer finding a bullet hole in the back of a police car, saying, “This just got shot. They hit this car.”

 A report shows police eventually tracked down that other dirt bike rider suspected of firing the shots.

Now, both dirt bike riders have been indicted. Cuyahoga County Prosecutors filed 11 charges.

The charges are for the shots fired at police, obstruction of justice and more. Some of the charges also carry punishment for a drive-by shooting. That could add years of prison time to any sentence.

The indictments have been filed against Carlos Morales and Kelvin Cosme-Lopez. Records show Morales is pleading not guilty and Lopez is wanted for not showing up for court.

So many drivers have demanded justice for dirt bikes taking over the streets. Now, police want justice for their own terrifying encounter with dirt bike riders.