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CLEVELAND (WJW) – Video released to the FOX 8 I-Team shows what happened as Cleveland police confronted kids with guns inside a high school.

This week, we revealed the teens got in when a school administrator opened a door and let them inside Garrett Morgan High School. The police body camera video shows why that could’ve turned deadly.

A security guard had called 911, saying teens with guns and masks pulled up in three cars.

On the 911 call, you hear the security officer say to someone, “Don’t let them in the building!”

But, an administrator did anyway.

Police body camera video showed officers get out of their car and walk to an entrance where a school employee was standing with teens just inside.

Officers approached the kids, saying, “Hey, guys, come on,” and, “You’re being detained.”

One teen asked, “For what? What am I being detained for?”

Then, the kids scattered and took off running. A foot chase went into the neighborhood and even across a highway.

Officers shouted to one suspect, “Stop, right there. Put your hands up,” and, “Don’t reach for it.”

They found a gun on that suspect.

Two others were caught in a back yard.

An officer said to one, “Why are you running?”

He responded with, “‘Cause you all grabbed me.”

Police arrested three suspects and one got away. They say they found two guns.

Police also say the teens had driven up in stolen cars.

Again, a security officer had seen them pull up and approach the school building. The school went into lockdown, yet the teens got in anyway.

At the scene, Cleveland police radio traffic recorded on one body camera shows an officer saying,
“Radio, contact the school. The administrator let them in the building. We tried to grab them.”

All that, but only one kid ended up locked up in the detention center. A 16-year-old was charged for having a gun on him. Records show he also had been wanted in a robbery case.

The other kids arrested were sent home to wait as a juvenile prosecutor reviewed this for more charges.

This week, the Cleveland Metropolitan School District issued a statement defending the administrator who had allowed the teens inside. The district pointed out that a second set of doors was locked.

But, a national school safety consultant still called that dangerous.

The police video showed calm turning into chaos. We’ll follow up with what happens in court.

We’ve also requested video from the school district to show how those teens pulled in, walked up to the building and went inside.