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RICHMOND HEIGHTS, Ohio (WJW) – Video released to the FOX 8 I TEAM shows an off-duty Richmond Heights police officer confronting Westlake police in a rage at an indoor amusement park.

Now, what that officer said and did has sparked two investigations.

It happened last month in front of families with children.

Westlake police took a call to go to the amusement center to check out a claim of a worker threatening a little girl. A report shows the child was there for a party and the group with her included an uncle, a Richmond Heights police officer.

Westlake Police body camera video shows the off-duty officer getting in the face of patrolmen who had responded to the call.

“You (expletive) telling me to settle down? Like a dog? Like a (expletive) dog?” he said.

“Nobody said you’re a dog.” a patrolman responded. 

“Then, don’t tell me to (expletive)  settle down,” the off-duty officer said. “I’m telling you Richmond Heights. Richmond Heights. I’m a (expletive) police officer, too. Show me some (expletive) respect.”

“How about you do the same?” Westlake police said.

“I just did! I just did to him! Talk to me like a man,” the off-duty officer said.

Meantime, a manager can be seen telling Westlake Police, “I don’t want them in the building anymore. They’re already not going to be charged for the party. I just want them gone.”

The manager told police that someone ran over a worker’s toe with a go-kart, and the employee told a coworker, “I’m going to kill a kid,” but he did not direct that at anyone in particular.

The video also shows the off-duty officer saying to police, “I want you to touch my mom. I’ll beat your (expletive).”

Westlake police released the video to FOX 8 on Tuesday. The Richmond Heights officer’s face was blurred since the video was released with the case still under investigation. It is also still under review by a prosecutor for consideration of charges.

The officer’s personnel file shows he just joined Richmond Heights police last November. Before that, he worked for Cleveland police. The file shows he’d been working in Cleveland as a “community engagement officer.”

The video also shows the off-duty officer telling police, “You need to know how to talk to people, man. That’s how we get shot in the (expletive) face. That’s how ‘we’ get shot in the face.”

Richmond Heights Police tell us the department also just got the video.

The department released a statement that said, “The incident took place 12 days ago and our department learned of it 11 days ago, at which time we requested the police reports and video. We received the police report six days ago and received the video this morning. We are reviewing the video and will take whatever action may be appropriate once we have completed a thorough review of the incident.”

Back at the scene, even on his way out, the off-duty cop couldn’t stop talking trash.

“I’m wrapping it up. I’ll see you wherever (expletive) you want to see me at,” he said.

We will follow up with any criminal charges that come out of the Westlake police investigation, as well as any internal charges that come out of the Richmond Heights investigation.