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CLEVELAND (WJW) – The FOX 8 I-Team has obtained video showing teens going wild behind bars. It’s just the latest outbreak of violence inside the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Detention Center.

The latest trouble happened last weekend, and it marks at least the fourth recent violent incident there caught on camera.

The video shows chaos as teens go on the attack. Young inmates rush in and jump other inmates. All of the kids were being held in the lock-up facing charges in crimes on the streets.

You see detention center staff members struggling to take control.

We broke the news of this to the mother of a teen locked up there.

“I just hope my son is OK. Like, this is my first time hearing anything about this. It should be no way I should be receiving a phone call from you and not them,” she said.

Back in October, we showed you video of a stand-off inside the detention center. A teen inmate took an office worker hostage.

Recently, a manager at the facility got fired for throwing punches at a teen using handcuffs like brass knuckles.

Not long ago, more teens went wild, causing more than $20,000 damage.

For this story, a detention center officer spoke out to the I-Team.

We reported on serious trouble before with very short staffing of security and now this.

“It’s very dangerous to be working there. They’ve gotten it so messed up now. Have to be a total overhaul and reset to restart everything,” the officer said.

The I-Team reviewed reports and statements from the latest incident. They show it started when a door was open and a worker got “bum-rushed” by an inmate.

Another statement says a detention officer then didn’t have keys to get in to that room to help.

The Juvenile Court released a statement, saying, “The Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court is investigating the incident of 12/11/2021. This investigation is to ensure that proper procedure was followed. The court is in the process of reviewing all pertinent information available. Our initial investigation has shown that the incident was not a result of staffing levels, and no youth were injured or at risk at any time. When the investigation is complete, it will be made available.”

While the court said, “no youth were…at risk at any time,” some people may not agree with that after seeing the video.

Meantime, we asked that inmate’s mother what she would say to the detention center managers.

“Find better ways to secure these kids safety. And, then, it just keeps being these issues there,” she said.

No one ended up seriously hurt in the latest violence.

We’ll update the story once the internal investigation is finished.