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SANDUSKY, Ohio (WJW) – A man is accused of outrageous joyriding, standing on top of an SUV being driven through Sandusky.

The FOX 8 I-Team obtained dash camera video showing the man standing on top of the SUV early Sunday morning on Columbus Avenue in downtown Sandusky.

The officer pulled the vehicle over and charged both the driver and the man with a minor misdemeanor of riding outside of a vehicle.

“It’s illegal and extremely dangerous,” said Sandusky Lt. Scott Dahlgren.  “We are grateful he wasn’t seriously injured. On the officer’s body camera video, you can actually see the car come from around a building that’s down there, and you can see the individual standing up on the roof. As he is standing on the roof, he seems to see the officer. At that point, he gets down onto his knees and then goes to a straight prone position on his back.”

Shortly after the officer pulled the vehicle over, he asked the man if there was any reason why he was on the roof.  The man said “no.”

“We have not heard if it’s some kind of a TikTok challenge or some internet challenge,” Dahlgren said.   “But obviously if it is out there and this is something people are going to start trying to do we say don’t do it.  This could really get somebody hurt. “