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CLEVELAND (WJW) – Video released to the FOX 8 I-Team finds a man caught on camera opening fire with a gun and shooting wildly on a neighborhood street with kids right there on bikes.

It left witnesses outraged, so we investigated.

The shooting happened two weeks ago on a sunny afternoon at West 104 and Madison in Cleveland.

The incident started with a minor encounter between two drivers. One blew his horn. Both stopped. They had words. Then, as one man drove off, video shows the other man pulling a gun and firing several shots.

The video also shows he did that with children on bikes just steps away. One girl screamed and ran.

“There were shots fired right where there are kids. One was a little girl. Two were boys,” a 911 caller said.

“10- to 12-year-olds with bikes, right now, all freaking out,” another caller said.

Mary Neuhoff watched with her daughter from an upstairs apartment window.

“It was just like it was slow motion,” she said. “I mean, these kids have to grow up, and they have to have some type of faith and hope that they can ride their bicycles. Parents have to believe that they can let their children go.”

The driver with the gun sped off, but everything that happened was also captured by neighborhood video cameras. That helped investigators get a license plate.

Witnesses helped police gather shell casings.

Law enforcement arrested the suspect this week on a warrant after an investigation by federal agents.

They filed a complaint saying Larelle Cromity had no right to have a gun or ammunition because of his criminal record.

The complaint says Cromity had been convicted in Cuyahoga County Court in the past on charges including felonious assault and attempted felonious assault.

The 911 recordings show dispatchers also wondered if the kids were OK. In the end, no one hurt.

But, the video shows how a man didn’t hesitate to pull out a gun and start shooting in broad daylight with children watching and running for cover.

“This isn’t the western, this isn’t the Old West. Come on. Kids, right there?” said Neuhoff.

Cromity remains locked up at least until a hearing next week. His attorney is not commenting.

The case will likely be presented to a grand jury for consideration of more charges.