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CLEVELAND (WJW) – Video released to the FOX 8 I-Team shows a man crawling in where luggage comes out at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

In fact, what happened is so unusual, you might find yourself taking a second look.

Hopkins Airport security video captured a man at the carousel where baggage is sent out to travelers just getting off a flight.

But, instead of just standing at the opening, he crawled through it to get to the airline side of baggage claim, a secure area. No one can simply go back there and roam around.

Cleveland police quickly got a call and body camera video shows an officer confronting the man who crawled into the airline side of baggage claim.

The officer tells the man, “This is a big, big no, no. We’re talking federal government. This is a secured area.”

The man first answers with, “I wasn’t trying to break no laws or nothing.”

A police report identifies him as Nicholas Garrett.

The police report shows when Garrett’s “luggage came out, he noticed the zipper was open and a pair of sneakers that cost $1,000 were missing. He said he could see an employee.”

As a result, he went through that opening.

Garrett also said to police, “Like, who took my shoes out my bag? All my stuff is scattered around like somebody here just went through my bag and took my shoes.”

The officer then responded with, “All right, hang out here. I’ve got to call my boss, OK?”

Garrett couldn’t talk his way out of it at the airport, but consider how he made out in court. He was hit with a minor charge of criminal trespass. He pleaded no contest and got a $100 fine.  

Meanwhile, we also checked. Federal agencies overseeing airports did not get involved.

The I-Team called Garrett for comment. Someone answered and then hung up.

Again, Garrett had plenty to say at the airport, telling officers, “My bag is still sitting right there with all my stuff and I’m already missing stuff out of my bag.”

It’s not clear from the police report if anything ever got resolved with the missing shoes.