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CLEVELAND (WJW) – The FOX 8 I-Team obtained video showing a car driving in a secure area at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

The incident happened over the summer, but the driver has now been convicted for driving impaired and Cleveland City Hall has just released airport security video.

You see a driver going down a road not open to the public, and it brings up an airport security concern we’ve seen before. Over the last few years, the I-Team has revealed a series of people driving through the security fence, driving under it and climbing over it.

Airport security video captured a car driving back and forth on a road around the perimeter of the airport, but just inside the security fence.

Cleveland police body camera video shows an officer inspecting damage to the fence saying, “This car went eastbound on Brookpark and went up on the curb and through the fence.”

A report shows officers found Stephanie Voss stopped with a flat tire inside the secure area near some fuel pumps.

An officer greeted her with, “Hello, how are you? Are you OK?”

She responded, “Yeah, I’m OK.”

Police wondered how she ended up going through the fence.

She said, “I went through the fence. Somebody drove in front of me and I lost it. Somebody kind of blew me off the road.”

But, a police report shows that driver had been drinking. She later struck a plea deal in Cleveland City Court admitting to driving drunk.

And, again, this case puts a new spotlight on people going through, under and over airport fences.

We’ve seen a drunk driver slam through a security fence. Another driver drove under and through it, then went back out. He said he had swerved to miss a deer.

More than once, people have climbed into the secure area.

We’ve learned the city is hoping to get federal money to make the perimeter fence more secure.