CLEVELAND (WJW) – Video released to the FOX 8 I-Team shows what happened when police went on board a plane at Hopkins Airport for a passenger in a rage.

The video shows other passengers cheering as the woman walks off the plane.

An off-duty Cleveland police officer was also taken off the plane, but for videotaping the woman causing a disturbance.

It happened in May and the I-Team obtained the video through a records request.

A Frontier Airlines flight headed to take off for Phoenix, but the pilot turned around due to a passenger going wild.

As the plane arrives at the gate, the pilot can be heard telling airport workers, “Somebody’s freaking out in the back about something.”

A flight attendant told police, “So (passenger) 24A, out of nowhere, just starts going off. She’s saying somebody called her a racial slur. Nobody’s really founded that story around her.”

Police go on the plane to get the passenger and she walked off with a man travelling with her.

She can be heard saying to no one in particular, “He was saying all kinds of horrible things about me. Y’all don’t even know what we been through. But, you know what? (Expletive) all y’all.”

The flight attendant also tells police about a man recording video.

She says, “I get her calmed down, but she saw he was recording. So, I asked him to stop. Told him if you don’t stop, you’re going to come off with her.”

The officer responds with, “The guy recording, where’s he at?”

In the video, you see the man who had been recording leave the plane, too. Turns out, the witness with the camera rolling was off-duty Cleveland police homicide detective Steve Loomis.

He spoke to officers.

“That chick is going crazy down there. Making all kinds of accusations. Turning around, ‘I’ll (expletive) kill you.’ I got it all on tape,” he said.

He also told an officer, “I’m not the only one videotaping. You’d think that they would want you to videotape something like that.”

The police video also shows, even as police talk to the woman inside the airport, she keeps exploding in rage.

At one point, she said, “He trying to kill me. He hates us.”

The I-Team found Cleveland police did not file any charges.

We also checked with federal agencies, but the TSA referred us back to police. Oddly, the FAA told us it did not have any report on this.

The FAA had a report from Hopkins on that day for another passenger causing a disturbance on another flight, but nothing on this one. All that and no one could explain it.

Another witness said, “We never heard anyone but her.”

The I-Team also sent a number of emails and made a number of phone calls to Frontier Airlines seeking comment. The airline did not respond to any of the messages.