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CLEVELAND (WJW)– The FOX 8 I-Team obtained video that shows some street justice after a home invasion.

An attacker found himself locked up before Cleveland police even arrived. But, the story does not end there.

Police video shows how officers went to search a home and they only had to look behind one door. It happened near East 106th Street and Woodland Avenue.

You see police surrounding a house and even crawling through a window as they get ready to search for a suspect.

Investigators said he carried out a home invasion and used a crowbar to assault a man in the head. But, he ended up unable to hide or go anywhere. Somehow, the victim locked him behind a door to the basement.

On the video, you see officers bang on the door and move back a sliding lock. When they opened the door, they immediately saw Desean Spraggins. He put his hands up, and then officers put on the handcuffs.

Cuyahoga County prosecutors indicted Spraggins. This video was just released to the I-Team since he was just sentenced. But, he’s not going to prison.

At sentencing, Cuyahoga County prosecutors argued Spraggins should be locked up. Records show he’s been indicted nearly a dozen other times before. He was already on parole at the time of this crime. At sentencing, the victim told the judge he just wants to feel safe.

Nonetheless, Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judge Deborah Turner did not send Spraggins away. He left the justice center with orders to stay out of trouble and get help.

His sentence includes 90 days of house arrest, two years of probation and the court expects him to follow a mental health treatment plan. If he messes up, then he goes to prison.

Prosecutors said, in this case, Spraggins actually attacked a man who’d helped him out before.

On the video, you hear Spraggins tell an officer, “And we got into a little argument… I guess he left. I was just trying to get out and sit on the porch.”