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PARMA, Ohio (WJW) – Video just released to the FOX 8 I-Team explains a mystery at a very busy post office in Parma.

The Briggs Post Office on State Road is shut down just as holiday mailing is starting, and the video shows why there’s no telling when the post office will reopen.

Last month, a pick-up truck crashed into that building, even hitting a customer inside. That marks the latest incident at a post office in the headlines before.

Parma police video showed, in this case, officers racing to the call.

911 callers had said, “A vehicle just ran through our building,” and, “He’s in his car. Went right through the front of the building.”

Police found a chaotic scene with a pick-up deep inside the post office, witnesses crying and one man hurt on the floor.

An officer, then, said to a senior citizen, “You were driving the truck?”

He answered, “Yes.”

The driver said he made a big mistake hitting the gas by accident.

He told the officer, “I just lost control. Instead of the brake, I pushed the gas pedal.’

The US Postal Service says it can’t predict when that post office will reopen due to structural damage to the building.

We’ve learned that a driver had crashed into the same post office once before, but this case comes at the start of the crush of mailing for the holidays.

This post office still has a blue collection box you can drive up to, but we took special notice of the condition of it. We saw big holes rusted out all along the bottom of it.

Several months ago, we reported thieves had gotten into collection boxes at this same post office to steal mail. They then cashed checks for big money, ripping off people like you.

Parma police say the driver in the latest crash is 89 years old. Police wrote him a ticket for losing control.

Now, a post office in the headlines in the past is shut down for another incident. The video shows why it’s hard to say when anyone will be able to walk in again to send or get mail.