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CLEVELAND (WJW)– Several people living in a North Royalton neighborhood said on Tuesday and Wednesday this week they did not receive mail.

Some living in Euclid and in Lakewood also said they haven’t received mail since last weekend.

“There is really no excuse for it,” said Karen Smallwood, of North Royalton. “I know Tuesday we had bad weather with all the snow, but then what happened on Wednesday?”

Rob Heramb, of Euclid, said he hasn’t received mail since Saturday.

“I don’t understand why,” said Heramb, a retired school teacher. He added he and his wife are worried they aren’t receiving their bills.

A spokeswoman with the United States Postal Service said some people may have not received mail because of the recent weather. She issued the following statement:

“Due to unsafe weather conditions, letter carriers did not complete their delivery routes on Tuesday, but resumed the next day. Also, letter carriers will make every attempt to deliver the mail however they must always consider safety and accessibility first. They are not allowed to dismount for curbside boxes blocked by snow and ice buildup. Letter carriers will not deliver to mailboxes and locations which are too hazardous or unsafe to access. That’s why we continue to ask customers to clear the path for carriers to deliver the mail safely. We apologize for the inconvenience however we must ensure our employees’ safety.”


 The postal service also asked customers to clear paths so postal carriers can safely deliver mail.

But many residents said they did have a clear path to their mailbox and added t this isn’t the first time they’ve went days without getting mail.

“There is a day in almost every week where we don’t get it,” Smallwood said. “It may just be one day where there is no mail. Sometimes, it’s two or three days.”