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CLEVELAND (WJW) – The FOX 8 I-Team has uncovered yet another case of luggage stolen from Hopkins Airport.

Since we’ve exposed thieves stealing from air travelers there before, we’re asking what’s being done about it. In fact, the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor is now wondering, too.    

A Cleveland Police report shows, last month, another thief walked away with someone else’s luggage at Hopkins Airport.

Over the last two years, the I-Team has reported more than a half-dozen times on crooks blending into the crowd and stealing bags.

In the latest case, police arrested Kenneth Woods and Cuyahoga County Prosecutors indicted him on a felony theft charge.

To bust Woods, police at the Airport checked security cameras. They saw the thief took the luggage then hopped on an RTA train.

Police say they then found the suspect at the W. 65th rapid stop with the stolen suitcase, which still had airline tags on it with the name of the traveler.

All of this led Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Michael O’Malley to speak out.

“We have a problem and something needs to be done to correct it,” he said. “We shouldn’t be in a situation where somebody can just walk off the streets, grab a bag and exit the airport.”

Last winter, the I-Team showed you a man suspected of stealing luggage busted by police in an airport bathroom.

However, not all of these crimes have been solved. Last year, we met a family heartbroken after thieves stole baggage with the ashes of a loved one who’d died.

Wednesday, 10 minutes after passengers collected bags after arriving at Hopkins, we also noticed a handful of suitcases left abandoned. No one was around.

So, we reached out to the airport and learned that Hopkins is giving special attention now to baggage claim.

The airport released a statement, saying, “At CLE, we are committed to ensure all of our guest’s safety is of the upmost concern. Our collaborative approach, which includes our airline partners, local and federal law enforcement agencies, employees and other partners, all play a critical role in ensuring the safety of our guest and their belongings. At the airport, we work closely with our airport communities to make sure that in any incident that occurs, we come together to review our measure as determine what needs to be done to ensure any future incidents can be prevented.”

All this comes as the I-Team has also learned of still another recent case of stolen luggage which has not yet been solved.

Some passengers we met told us they take no chances and try to keep close watch on their bags.

At the baggage claim carousel, one woman said “ I’m still scared of losing my stuff. That’s the reason I’m standing here.”