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CLEVELAND (WJW) – Exclusive video released to the FOX 8 I-Team, shows depositions of two of the 22 women suing Browns Quarterback Deshaun Watson for sexual misconduct.

The two women, Ashley Solis and Lauren Baxley, both alleged sexual misconduct by Watson when the gave him massages. Solis even testified that she cried at the end of the massage session.

The depositions show that both women testified Watson did not make threats toward them. Solis said she felt assaulted when she says Watson moved his private part on to her hand.

“He grabbed it, pulled it from under the towel and put it on my hand,” Solis said in the deposition. “I immediately moved my hand and I started crying, I told him I’m ending the session because I’m uncomfortable.”

Watson had testified in a deposition May 13 that Solis had watery eyes after the massage but would not tell him why. Only that she was uncomfortable.  Watson said he texted her after apologizing if he did make her uncomfortable.

Baxley testified that Watson did not want to stay covered during the massage.

“Did he ever say any threats to you,” Watson’s attorney Rusty Harding asked Baxley.

This was her response: “He didn’t – his very presence as a naked man on my table was a threat to me, but he did not give any verbal threats,” Baxley said in the deposition.

Baxley also said that Watson told her to grab his private parts, if they get in the way.

“He is a threat to me,” Baxley said. “He is a threat to any woman. He’s a threat to all massage therapists.”

Baxley’s counselor was also deposed. During the deposition Watson’s attorney asked the counselor if she was aware that Baxley communicated with Watson several times, after the first massage, where she alleges sexual misconduct.

“Did you know Ms. Baxley responded to Mr. Watson 19 times after the day of the massage with him?” the attorney asked. “Over text message. She communicated with him 19 times.”

The counselor, Mary Magdalene Smith, testified she was not aware that Baxley continued to communicate with Watson.

“Well, it certainly doesn’t sound like trauma,” Smith said. “If she’s able to talk to him and is willing to do another massage.”

Baxley and Solis along with eight of the other accusers filed criminal complaints against Watson. Two grand juries in Texas declined to indict Watson on any criminal charges.

The NFL is still investigating to determine if Deshaun Watson violated the league’s personal conduct policy. Watson spent three days last week meeting with NFL investigators. Watson’s attorney NFL investigators want to meet with Watson again.

“I believe they want to complete this investigation sometime in the summer,” Hardin said.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell stated Tuesday that they are nearing the end of the “investigative period” and then the matter “will be handled by our disciplinary officer.”

Attorneys are continuing to take more depositions in the cases.

“We are trying to show and I believe are showing that what they say under oath in their depositions is different than what is in their petitions and lawsuits,” Hardin said.

Hardin and Attorney Leah Graham, who is also on the team representing Watson, saying another of the accusers alleged Watson forced her to perform a sex act but is now saying something completely different.

“In her deposition under oath, subject to perjury, she admitted to me there was no force,” Graham said.

Attorney Tony Buzbee, who is the lawyer for the 22 accusers, stands behind his clients saying he has evidence to back up the women’s allegations.

“I intend to win this case,” Buzbee said. “And I think Deshaun Watson knows I intend to win the case.”

Watson’s attorneys say Solis and her attorney demanded money from Watson.

“If you got a $100,000 you would agree to not tell anyone anything and everyone would go their own way,” Hardin asked in the deposition.

She responded, “correct.”