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CLEVELAND (WJW) – The FOX 8 I TEAM has found that no charges will be filed for what happened to a woman at a Cleveland Browns game, an incident that she says left her with a permanent injury.

Last December, Stephanie Allen went to a Browns game. Later, she went to the hospital after she says someone threw a full can of beer that hit her in the head.

She told us that left her with a concussion, a permanent indentation on her head and lingering dizziness.

Earlier, the I-Team reported Cuyahoga County Prosecutors didn’t file felony charges when they determined there was no intent to cause injury.

Now, the city of Cleveland prosecutor has also reviewed the case and ruled no charges.

“The hardest part? That there’s no justice,” Allen said. “Absolutely none. I found out that it’s OK, you can actually assault somebody. As long as they’re not severely damaged, they walk away. They walk away free.”

In recent days, the mayor’s office emailed the I-Team to say, “The chief prosecutor reviewed the complete file and determined that we are unable to support issuing criminal charges in this matter.”

Then, a spokesperson also wrote, “The prosecutor let me know that this case actually remains open because there may be additional evidence forthcoming.”

That additional evidence would revolve around Stephanie’s medical records. But, she says, long ago, she cleared the way for investigators to get those records.

So, she’s not optimistic about seeing charges later.

When we first began looking at this, the Browns issued a statement saying they have, “comprehensive safety protocols.”

In fact, their security video helped identify a suspect.

But, at least for now, that suspect will not be hauled into court.