CLEVELAND (WJW) – The FOX 8 I-Team has found a woman now indicted for getting into a restricted area at Hopkins Airport and going unnoticed for three hours.

Cuyahoga County prosecutors indicted April Ford for breaking and entering and theft.

On August 13, police say a worker found the woman inside an aircraft maintenance building.

Court records show Ford had been in a restricted area for three hours before getting discovered.

Police say she ate food in the break room of that maintenance building, went through drawers and went through vehicles. In fact, a police report shows the woman ate as much as two gallons of ice cream.

We keep asking how the suspect got into a secure area and how no one noticed. The airport has repeatedly responded only with emails telling us the case is still under investigation.

This case is not unusual. Over the past few years, the I-Team has reported on multiple security breaches at Hopkins that were not noticed for a long time.

A city judge released Ford with just a promise to come back to court. She is now scheduled to appear in county court next month to face the new charges.