CLEVELAND (WJW) — The FOX 8 I-Team has found something happening now that you don’t normally see the first week of January. Crews have been taking advantage of the unusually warm weather to patch potholes.

We found a city of Cleveland crew doing some pothole filling on Wednesday morning along East 55th Street.

The city says it has had two crews out patching. Meantime, the Ohio Department of Transportation says it has had crews out on the highways, too, in the morning and at night.

“Potholes are caused by the freezing and thawing cycle. And, we had a very cold storm that came in late December. It got the surface temperatures below freezing. And, when it warms up like we’re dealing with, we know it opens potholes,” ODOT Spokesperson Brent Kovacs said.

So, you might see city and ODOT crews filling potholes until it gets cold again.

At the same time, City Hall tells us other Cleveland street crews are still working to get ready for the next snowfall. Plow drivers also have been making practice runs on the routes they will plow.