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CARROLL COUNTY, Ohio (WJW) –  An Akron man said he went to Carroll County to get pictures of a lake and ended up with a photograph of a man pointing a shotgun at his drone.

“I never expected to be shot at,” said Zac Riter, of Rubber City Aerial Photography in Akron. “I was flying the beautiful fields and just capturing the scene, it’s a gorgeous area. I am originally from that area so it’s nice to go down and fly.”

He said his brother-in-law took him to an area near Lake Mohawk. They parked the vehicle and he completed his flight plan.

“I put the drone in the air and started getting some shots,” Riter told the FOX 8 I-Team. “He then asked me if I would get some shots of his mother’s home. He wanted to give her the pictures as a gift. So I did and that is when I heard a loud shot. I was like, ‘Oh my God, somebody’s shooting.'”

He then zoomed in and saw a man pointing a rifle at the drone. He said he got the drone out of the area and was able to land it safely.

“We went to get in the truck and as soon as we got there one man approached us and he was holding a big black handgun,” Riter said.

He added that the man was related to his brother-in-law. He said the man assaulted his brother-in-law, but after a few minutes they were able to flee the area. Riter reported the matter to the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office and the FAA.

“I was very concerned because someone could have been seriously injured,” Riter said. “There were homes there and a lot of people on the lake. He fired six to eight rounds in the sky.  Someone could have gotten hurt.”