ROCKY RIVER, Ohio (WJW) — The FOX 8 I-Team has uncovered more about a police officer assigned to Rocky River High School who is now under investigation.

We obtained the letter placing the officer on paid leave. It states the investigation began with an anonymous tip from a school faculty member.

The I-Team revealed a week ago a school resource officer at Rocky River High had been taken off the job.

We requested his personnel file. When the law department first responded, we didn’t get the letter placing the officer on leave. After a second request, we got the letter.

It includes: “An anonymous faculty member at the Rocky River High School reported concerns regarding a relationship between you and a student. … “

A parent reacted, telling the I-Team, “As a longtime parent in the Rocky River schools, my major concern is: What kind of a culture do we have in our school system where this keeps happening over and over?”

The district has made headlines recently and in recent years for other investigations into staff relationships to students.

We asked for the latest on this case, and the city has sent it to an outside agency to investigate. The law director has refused to reveal that outside agency.

Last week, the school district sent an e-mail to parents saying, in part:

“The RRPD (Rocky River Police Department) informed us that preliminary information provided by the investigator included information that the SRO (school resource officer) engaged in conduct that was contrary to his responsibilities as an SRO,” the superintendent wrote in the statement. “We agree with that determination, and he will no longer serve as an SRO in the district.”