CLEVELAND (WJW) – New video released to the FOX 8 I-Team shows how Cleveland police saved the life of a dog shot in the head.

So many of you responded after we reported on what happened to Clyde, so we followed up.

Now, we can show you what happened during the rescue, and an officer at the heart of it is speaking out about a dog saved against all odds.

It happened last month on Cleveland’s southeast side.

Body camera video shows police roll up to a scene and find a woman outside a home.

“Please help me. He shot me. He shot my dog,” she said.

Officer Jacob Wojcik responded to that call. He remembers going into the house to search for a suspect. He saw a dog had been shot and thought it was dead.

“At some point, somebody realized the dog was breathing,” he said. “We decided, ‘hey, we’ve got to get going if we’re going to save this dog.”

First, officers got help for a woman shot in the face. Then, they rescued her precious dog, Clyde, that was shot twice — once in the head.

“So, we did what we could as carefully as we could,” Officer Wojcik said. “Put him on a sheet and into the back of our zone car.”

Cleveland police say, at the scene, a gunman shot the woman and her dog, and then he took his own life.

Meanwhile, Officer Wojcik hurried across town taking Clyde to the West Park Animal Hospital. He never gave up hope.

” You know, I always try to have that opinion. There’s a chance. He’s not dead yet, so there’s a chance,” he said.

Just after it happened, the I-Team showed you Clyde’s fight to survive. Many of you donated money to help pay for Clyde’s medical bills and he made it. Weeks later, doctors sent him home.

The woman shot that night recently thanked the Cleveland police, the West Park Animal Hospital and the public.

She spoke of Clyde, saying, “He is literally everything to me. He’s always been by my side. I care about his health more than mine.”

“I mean, the doctors did all the work. We just got him there,” Officer Wojcik said.

While Wojcik downplays what he and other officers did, he also says what they did for Clyde should serve as a reminder that they’d do the same for you.

“I thought about this a lot, and with all the bad things going on nowadays. We do good things every day that don’t get seen, and for something to get seen now, it makes me feel good about it,” he said.

Clyde and the woman who had been shot are now a couple of hours away completing their recoveries. They have a chance to move on together because of that rescue.