SANDUSKY, Ohio (WJW) – Sandusky police officers say they had 14 vehicles stolen in a three-week period in April.

Detectives were able to recover all of the vehicles and they arrested one adult and three juveniles they believe were involved in the thefts. The investigation is continuing and more arrests could be made.

Sandusky Police Lt. Scott Dahlgren says, in all the recent car thefts, they have noticed a dangerous trend. Most of the vehicles had the keys or key fobs inside and all of the vehicles were unlocked.

Police all over the region, including in Lake County, Euclid and Cleveland, have seen an increase in car thefts. Detectives stress that most car thieves are looking for easy targets, vehicles that are not locked and have the keys inside.

“We can’t say it enough,” said Sandusky Lt. Scott Dahlgren. “We strongly encourage people, please lock the doors to your vehicle. Take the keys out of it.”