CLEVELAND (WJW) — The Fox 8 I-Team found that the Cleveland Safety Director has now paid a fine for a traffic ticket, but where exactly he was will always be a mystery.

In August, Orange Village Police pulled over Karrie Howard after midnight in a City SUV. Officers suspected him of speeding and running a stop sign.

Now, records show that the city safety director just paid $165 to settle a ticket for failure to yield.

Police video shows an officer telling Howard after the traffic stop, “Alright, well, I gotta give you a ticket for the stop sign. It was a complete roll. You didn’t even attempt to stop.”

Last month, the I-Team asked Karrie Howard what he’d been doing at that hour in a city car. He said he’d been out late at night going around city streets where residents have complaints about crime issues.

Howard said, “I was on the side streets in the Kinsman area.”

The I-Team wanted to check that out and find out more information. So, the I-Team filed a request for GPS tracking records for the safety director’s SUV. They also requested any written log of his travels.

The Law Department said the city had no records from the GPS or a written log. But the I-Team knows the city can track the travels of police cars, ambulances, plows and more.

So, we asked why are there no records of the safety director’s travels.

The Mayor’s Office released a statement, saying, in part, “Being the top official in the administration that oversees public safety for the city, records disclosing his location would reveal trends about the places and times he travels – which would put his safety, his families’ safety and the safety of others at risk of a targeted attack.”

The statement also said that Chief Director Howard, like other safety directors before him, has commuting privileges of his assigned city vehicle. 

As previously mentioned, he works the job, not the hours — meaning he routinely drives around the community to gain better insight, help handle a host of issues raised by residents, and respond to other public safety situations. 

In August, the I-Team also asked Karrie Howard about his driving record.

He said, “I would say I have the driving record of an old man, Ed. I have zero points on my license.”

However, we found Howard has had his license suspended a total of eight times, and he’s been hit with more than two dozen tickets

As for this latest ticket, now, this case is closed.