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LAKEWOOD, Ohio (WJW) –  Jenna Langan says she and her friends were walking home in Lakewood Saturday evening when a group of teenagers drove near them.

“All of a sudden we heard a group saying, ‘you better dance, you better dance,’” Langan told the FOX 8 I-Team Thursday. “All their windows were down and we just kind of ignored it and shook it off. So then they said, ‘you are going to regret it.’ We just kept walking and all of sudden we felt like we had gotten shot by something.”

Langan said she, her boyfriend and a girlfriend were struck.

“It definitely hurt a little bit,” Langan noted. She said no one was seriously hurt.

Noah Siters, who was with the three, was not hit, but said he saw the weapon that was used.

“It looked like an airsoft gun,” Siters said.

While Lakewood police say they have not received any calls reporting these type of incidents, several other police departments have, including Westlake.

Westlake police say the calls they received involved either an airsoft or a soft water bead gel blaster gun, a type of toy that fires out tiny beads.

“We encountered a few people that turned out to be juveniles, either they shot the guns at people as they are driving down the street or were passing the gun around and someone saw them and were concerned,” said Westlake Police Captain Gerald Vogel.

He added they have responded to about eight of these type of incidents since February.

“A high amount of calls in a short amount of time so we see it as a problem now,” Vogel said. “We will file charges if kids are shooting other people with these guns.”

Westlake police officials also want everyone to know that not only can the gel blaster gun lead to injuries, but firing one of these projectiles could easily be mistaken by a victim or police officer as a real firearm.