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CLEVELAND – The FOX 8 I-Team found the city of Cleveland still cannot say when it will start its new recycling program.

More and more months are passing since the I-Team revealed all recycling collected in Cleveland simply goes to a landfill.

City hall recently made a splash asking people to sign up to take part in a new recycling program.

But, promises keep coming and going.

And, with no new start date, some folks like you are losing patience.

Every day that the new program does not start, the city continues collecting recycling with special crews and special trucks simply to dump it with all of the trash collected.

In West Park, Lynn Foulkrod told us, “It said to go on the city website and sign up, so I did. I can’t remember what the date was it was going to start, but I think that date has passed.”

Way back in April of last year, the I-Team exposed what the city had kept secret. We revealed all recycling collected by city crews going to a  landfill.

City hall, then, said it would set up a new program.

But, in May of this year, the mayor could not give a timetable for restarting the program.

In August, a city official predicted it would start by November. In November, the mayor’s office predicted December start date. Now, halfway through this month, the city just told us, “The restart date has not been confirmed.”

All of these delays have led some city residents to hold off signing up for it.

Angela Davis said, “Cleveland does need recycling. But, while we are under this same administration, I am going to put my feet up and kick back.”

Weeks ago the city did approve a contract with a private company to haul away the recycling collected. A critical step.

After all, your recycling has been going to a landfill for so long because the old contract to haul away bottles and cans and more expired.

And, the city didn’t renew the contract.

The city recently signed up 27,000 customers anxious to take part in a new recycling program. And, at the same time, many tell us they are anxious to find out when this program will begin.

Back to Lynn, she can’t wait for her recycling to stop going to a landfill.

All she can do is wait for city hall to announce a date when it will start the new program, and stick to it.

Next month, Justin Bibb will take over as Cleveland’s next mayor.

A spokesperson sent a statement saying recycling, like many other things, will need “immediate attention” when the new mayor takes office.