CLEVELAND (WJW) – The FOX 8 I-Team has found a big snag in the push to clear the records of more than 4,000 people convicted for small amounts of marijuana.

Last month, the mayor and other city leaders went to Cleveland Municipal Court asking to have those records expunged, wiped away.

The officials announced they were getting new justice for people convicted for low-level amount of pot so that they wouldn’t have a case like that on their records forever.

But, Administrative Judge Michelle Earley found the law does not allow for the city to file motions that way on behalf of everyone at once.

The judge told the I-Team, “Basically, the city does not have standing to do a motion to expunge on behalf of the cases that have been filed.”

However, she mentioned the court has come up with a way to help individuals file for themselves and work through this.

The judge added, “It can’t be done all at once. There are ways to get it done. So that you don’t have to come down, you don’t have to look for the application, you don’t have to come to court. You can go right on our website. Cleveland Municipal Court’s website. Very first tab. Click on the tab. Hit apply.”

The court’s website is

We also reached out to the mayor’s office for comment since that’s where this all started and, initially, there was no mention of people having to file individually.

A spokesperson pointed out, “All 4,000 do not need to be individually requested.”

The judge told us the city can dismiss charges in any of the cases that are not yet closed.