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CLEVELAND (WJW) – Cuyahoga County prosecutors say a man convicted of hitting and killing a Cleveland firefighter in November is also a dangerous drug dealer that deserves to be sentenced to prison.

The FOX 8 I-Team obtained a sentencing memorandum filed by Assistant Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Carl Mazzone Monday.   

The memorandum states that just hours before Leander Bissell drove through the scene of an accident on I-90 in November, hitting and killing Firefighter Johnny Tetrick, he was arranging a drug deal.

  • Johnny Tetrick

“Defendant acknowledges he had a 20 pills on him, but more at home,” the memorandum states. “These pills are the same as those found during the execution of the search warrant.”

Bissell is scheduled to be sentenced by Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judge Timothy McCormick Tuesday. Bissell was convicted in July of several counts including murder and felonious assault.

The document adds that lab testing confirmed the pills found in defendant’s home contained methamphetamine.

“Defendant is a dangerous drug dealer,” the prosecutor stated in the sentencing document. “Dangerous not so much in that he deals narcotics – that goes without saying. What makes him particularly dangerous is that he does not know what he’s selling. As highlighted in his text message with his potential buyer: ‘I got 20 on me but got more off them [six] I don’t know what they is.’ This country is facing an epidemic of fentanyl-related overdose death. Just in our county alone, most of those deaths are the result of a user believing they are consuming one substance – i.e. cocaine or heroin – but the substance is cut with fentanyl, or worse, is pure fentanyl. Defendant was attempting to sell pills with no idea what they were – which poses significant threat to the public.”

Tetrick was struck and killed while assisting at the scene of a rollover crash near Bratenahl. Police said Bissell, drove through the scene of the accident on I-90, plowed into the firefighter and then took off.