CLEVELAND (WJW) – The FOX 8 I-Team has found a new push to deny an appeal for the killer of Cleveland police officer Shane Bartek.

Cuyahoga County prosecutors filed a response to the appeal by Tamara McLoyd.

In short, the prosecutors argue McLoyd does not deserve another chance in court and she was convicted based on evidence.

Last year, we saw McLoyd convicted for carjacking officer Bartek when he was off-duty and shooting him to death. She was also convicted of other armed robberies.

A judge sent McLoyd to prison for 47 years-to life.

She recently appealed, claiming she had an unfair trial and investigators didn’t have enough evidence.

Now, Cuyahoga County prosecutors have answered the appeal point-by-point.

The response includes “no error occurred” and “this is preposterous.”

McLoyd also argued she had ineffective legal representation.

But, on that, prosecutors pointed back to a hearing on her confession to police. At that hearing, in July, McLoyd decided she would not try to have it thrown out.

“How was it you were able to prepare this motion?” the judge asked.

“I have a lot of people, family that reach out to me willing to help me with my case,” McLoyd answered.

“May I trust, then, that this motion was, indeed, type-written by someone else?” the judge asked.

“Yes, sir. I was just looking for more outcome help… a better outcome,” McLoyd responded.

“Do you still wish to move forward?” the judge asked.

“No,” McLoyd said.

A panel of judges will decide the appeal.