HUDSON, Ohio (WJW) – Several homeowners living near American Fireworks Company on Darrow Road are concerned about the company’s proposal to add an additional seven storage containers on their property located nearby.

“To him, it’s business, to him, it’s money,” Tina Griesse told Hudson Planning Commission members during a recent meeting. “To us, it’s lives.”

Many living near the facility have spoken at meetings and sent letters to the planning commission voicing their concerns. Despite the concerns, the planning commission discussed the matter again during Monday’s meeting and voted to approve the proposal 3-1.

“We have a city with 23,000 people according to the last census,” said Sunita Steele. “You want to tell us you want to put almost a quarter of a million explosives right next to us?”

Roberto Sorgi, owner of American Fireworks Company, did not respond to a call or email from the I-Team asking to discuss the matter.

Sorgi however told planning commission members during a recent meeting that he has tried to address the concerns. He said the storage facilities will contain fireworks.

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“It’s all completed products so no raw material,” Sorgi told committee members during a recent meeting. “All fully-manufactured goods. They look like a baseball with a huge fuse, string off of it. They come shipped over from overseas.”

Some residents, however, say they don’t believe Sorgi’s plans address their safety concerns.

“If the container is going to explode it’s going to explode,” Griesse said. “Right now they are set to explode into each other, bang, bang, bang, and right back there is a gas well and you are telling me that’s safe? Wow.”