BEACHWOOD, Ohio (WJW) – Beachwood police are now staffing a field office at Beachwood Place.

Police Chief Kate McLaughlin says the office is in a visible location on the second floor, adjacent to the food court.

“We welcome anyone to come check it out and say hi,” the chief said Thursday.

Since January, Beachwood police have responded to about 400 calls at the mall for various reasons, not all criminal. Some of the calls were medical related and others dealt with people that were locked out of their vehicles or parking issues.

“I want the public to know we are here,” the chief said. “Our response times will be quicker and it will serve as a deterrent as well as a community relations tool.”

Many who work and shop at the mall tell us they are glad the officers are now housed at the mall.

“We encourage engagement between the community and our police department, and this is a great method to deliver on that objective,” said  Beachwood Mayor Justin Berns.

The chief said thanks to a $559,073 state grant, she will be able to hire two full-time officers for a period of two years. This will allow her to assign two officers on a full-time basis exclusively at Beachwood Place.

McLaughlin added Beachwood is hiring officers and anyone interested is asked to fill out an application.