RICHMOND HEIGHTS – Police say an alert citizen helped them arrest two suspects and recover five catalytic converters.

“A resident called saying she heard someone outside her window with a saw around 3:30 in the morning Wednesday,” said Richmond Heights Police Sgt. Greg Patterson. “She saw a man under a car and then he quickly got out and ran to a waiting vehicle.”

Patterson said the woman gave dispatchers a good description of the vehicle and he was able to locate it a short time later.

The two people inside the car both had felony warrants. When police looked in the car, they also found five catalytic converters.

Richmond Heights Police Chief Thomas Wetzel says his midnight officers were extremely busy Wednesday morning and he is very proud of their hard work.

“Midnight shifts in our city are usually very quiet and uneventful which is a good thing but this shift caught lightning in a bottle with those arrests in such close proximity,” the chief said, noting officers also made an arrest in a domestic violence case and were able to apprehend a murder suspect.

“I’m proud of them and all our police officers who, despite all the risks and stresses that this profession presents, will still go out and risk their lives to do their job and help keep our community a safe place to live and thrive,” Wetzel said.

Wetzel said, when people steal catalytic converters, it can leave car owners with bills of over $1,000.

“That is a hard financial hit for people struggling to get by and who need that car to get to their jobs. And if they don’t do the repairs, they are unable to pass emissions tests so they can’t renew the license plates,” he said. “People stealing these catalytic converters can put their victims down a nasty rabbit hole that could take them awhile to get out of. I’m glad we were able to at least slow this down some with these arrests.”