CLEVELAND (WJW) – Cleveland police union officials say they want to “pause” a new order that will force officers to record more video on their body cameras.

Police Union President Jeff Follmer tells the FOX 8 I-Team that the officers have no issues wearing the cameras, but a new policy will allow the camera to record audio and video one minute prior to when the camera is activated.

“It’s a big privacy issue,” Follmer said. “The policy is changing to go back to a minute visual and a minute audio too. So that means anything the officers say in the police car with their partner or on the phone will be recorded now.”

Most area departments have the cameras set to record the prior 30 seconds of video, not audio.

Union officials say they do not know why the change is being made.  They say they will be discussing the matter with their legal counsel.

“We have conversations with our partners, that we believe are private,” Follmer explained. “We have conversations with our loved ones during our shift when they check to make sure we are ok, and now whatever little private time we have it is being taken away. It is micromanaging.”

The I-Team did reach out to the chief’s office to discuss the new order and find out why he is requesting the change. So far, we have not received a response.