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CLEVELAND (WJW) — The FOX 8 I-Team has learned union workers have approved a new contract agreement covering the City of Cleveland plow drivers, trash collectors, airport maintenance workers and others.

Teamsters Local 507 Recording Secretary Dan Chavez called the new contract “monumental.”

He said, “We settled a contract with the highest raises ever seen by this group in the City of Cleveland.” The union represents about 400 city workers.

Chavez added, the contract covers 3 years with standard pay raises of 2% each year, but workers could see pay increases of 10-18% over the course of the contact based on changes in pay for different job classifications.

Union members voted on the contract agreement Saturday morning. We’re told full-time workers voted yes by a margin of 143 to 24.

Cleveland City Council must also approve the contract.

One councilman told the I-Team, if the workers are happy with it, council will very likely go along with it.

Teamsters Local 507 had threatened a strike with plow drivers and other members saying contract talks had, basically, reached an impasse.

Then, days before a potential strike vote, the two sides hammered out the framework of the contract workers just approved.