ERIE COUNTY, Ohio (WJW) –  A snow plow driver involved in an incident that caused damage to more than 55 vehicles on the Ohio Turnpike told a state trooper that his windows were fogged up and he did not know the snow he was removing was going over a concrete barrier wall.

The plow driver was accused of allegedly throwing snow and ice onto cars during the Jan. 23 incident. Troopers say 18 people were injured.

The snow plow driver also stated he did not know how fast he was driving and said he did not see the snow going over the barriers.

“Windows were sloppy and fogged up, mirrors were sloppy, icy,“ the driver told the patrol. “Powdery snow was blowing around.”

A trooper asked him if he “intentionally or knowingly” forced the snow over the barrier and he replied “Absolutely not. I would never do that.”

The patrol investigated the crash and then turned their report over to the Erie County Prosecutor’s office for review. The prosecutor’s office presented the case to a grand jury last week. The grand jury declined to indict the driver.

Once the case was closed, the FOX 8 I-Team requested the patrol’s report, which contained the driver’s statement, plus videos and hundreds of pictures showing the damage to the vehicles.