CLEVELAND (WJW) – Pictures released to the FOX 8 I-Team show significant damage inside Hopkins Airport after a brutal winter storm Christmas weekend.

You see water pouring down inside from broken pipes, offices damaged and more.

There’s a good chance you remember that extreme cold, wind and blowing snow. Now, the pictures show significant destruction after that severe winter weather.

That same weather left many air travelers stranded or delayed.

Photos released to us after a records request show water raining down inside with high water on the floor.

Another picture shows ice on pipes.

More pictures show offices damaged after tiles and water came down from the ceiling.

Multiple sources tell us a big chunk of ice fell from an old tower through the roof of the terminal and extreme temperatures led to pipes freezing and bursting.

That all happened even while the airport struggled to keep runways clear and get planes moving.

Looking at those photos, we saw no indication of damage to the area used by travelers like you

At the same time, though, the I-Team also asked for city records outlining all of the damage. The city has not released those records yet and airport officials have refused to answer questions for the I-Team.

We also requested insurance claims.

Monday afternoon, we showed those pictures to Cleveland City Councilman Brian Kazy, a member of the transportation committee.

“This is the first we’re hearing of it, so we’re going to look into it further,” he said.

We’ve learned that snow and ice also slid down onto the roadway where passengers get dropped off and picked up.

So, the councilman wants to know more about the extent of the damage, the cost and how it all happened.

“My first thought is preventive maintenance, right? I mean, we should be on top of that before incidents like this happen. Now, we need to assess the damage and figure out how we need to go about fixing it,” Kazy said.

The cost of Hopkins operations is paid for by the airlines and parking fees and federal grant money.

We’ve learned the airport is still adding up the cost of the damage and making repairs.

We will update this story once we get more of the records we’ve requested.