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PAINESVILLE TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WJW)– The FOX 8 I-Team obtained security video from the July 5 shooting at Lake County Dine and Dance where one teen was injured.

“I think people are going to be shocked that this has occurred here and the amount of firepower in that short period of time,” said Lake County Sheriff Frank Leonbruno.

Several people can be seen in the video carrying weapons. The sheriff said about 70 to 100 rounds were fired.

So far two arrests have been made.  The investigation is continuing and additional arrests could be made soon.

The sheriff stressed that he believes there is a need to hire more deputies in the township to help fight crime.

“What is most scary to me as sheriff is our officers were out-gunned in that situation,” Leonbruno said.

Painesville Township, where the bar is located, has about 20,000 residents and has a contract with the county to provide six deputies to patrol the streets.

“That’s one deputy per shift,” the sheriff said.

Painesville Township Trustee Gabe Cicconetti says township officials want to work with county leaders to come up with a solution that they can afford and will help keep everyone safe.

“We need more and we are trying to work with commissioners to hopefully get them to find some deputies in a permanent way that will have more support on the back end with our road patrol guys,” Cicconetti said. “By Ohio Revised Code the commissioners are responsible for providing deputies to respond to emergencies.  And that’s what we need them to fund and Painesville Township will fund more deputies for road patrol.”

Lake County commissioners are offering a temporary grant program to assist townships expand the number of deputies on patrol. Painesville Township officials say they are reviewing the matter.

“They are only offering to pay for coverage for four years and then after that what are we supposed to do,” Cicconetti said.

The sheriff says he is hoping the townships decide to take advantage of the temporary grant program and get more deputies on the streets.

“My job as sheriff is to work to provide adequate numbers of police so they can do their jobs adequately,” the sheriff said. “I want to keep everyone safe.”