CLEVELAND (WJW) — We see the snow beginning to fall again, and the FOX 8 I-Team has found a shortage of plow drivers again.

The Ohio Department of Transportation says it needs 70 more plow drivers to fill full-time positions just in Northeast Ohio. ODOT still needs almost 100 more seasonal, part-time plow drivers, too.

This marks the second year in a row for this problem. Winter is moving in, and ODOT still needs a lot of people with a Commercial Drivers License to work the plows.

ODOT says, this year’s staffing issues are very similar to those last year. For the most part, the crews on hand are expected to be able to handle the bulk of snow and ice events without too much of a problem.

But, in a pinch, ODOT may need to rely on some of its other workers.

“Internally, we have a list of people who have CDL’s that don’t typically perform highway operations,” ODOT spokesperson Amanda McFarland said. “We can call on those folks to help fill in any spots that are needed should someone have to call off sick, or we need some extra help because the snow’s gonna be heavier in that area.”

ODOT has said it is in competition with private companies for people qualified to handle big rigs.

Another group of drivers should be hired in the coming weeks. And, ODOT plans to keep recruiting.

If you’re interested in one of the open positions, you can go to

ODOT sets a goal of getting traffic moving near regular speeds on primary roads within two hours after a snowfall stops and secondary roads within four hours.