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EUCLID, Ohio (WJW) – Euclid police say a dangerous challenge spreading on social media has added to the already large number of Kias being stolen in their community.

“It’s not slowing down, that’s for sure,” said Euclid Police Captain Donna Holden.

Since September, there have been 50 reports of stolen Kias in Euclid alone. Police all over the region have noticed an uptick.

On Sunday, Euclid police officers spotted another stolen Kia. They tried to get the driver to stop, but he refused. The driver crashed and flipped the vehicle a short time later.

“The occupants were kicking out the windshield in order to escape and they ran away on foot,” Holden said. Police were able to apprehend the two suspects a short time later.

A similar incident happened Oct. 21 when a stolen Kia was spotted near Euclid High School. The driver fled from police. Police were able to arrest the four inside the vehicle.

“The driver drove recklessly through a red light,“ Holden said. “There were a lot of students present at the time the driver of the stolen vehicle took off from police.”

The main target of the thieves appear to be 2010-2021 models of Kia and Hyundai vehicles that use a key, not a key fob.

Police are urging owners of these vehicles to consider getting an anti-theft device.

“Also don’t forget to lock your car,” said Euclid Police Chief Scott Meyer. “And if you can, park your car in a garage at night.”