CLEVELAND (WJW) – The FOX 8 I-Team has found no repairs made to cameras at a Cleveland water plant even after a security breach unnoticed for hours and a report of a camera malfunctioning.

Over the summer, the I-Team revealed video of a car barreling through a security fence at the Fairmount Pumping Station.

Yet, security didn’t notice for two and a half hours.

We found some of the video was not clear and not good. One clip sent to us under a records request was nothing more than a still photo with the colors not right.

Another clip showed black and white and grainy video.

A security guard had written in a report that a camera had been malfunctioning for weeks.

We checked back, but a spokesperson for Cleveland Water told us nothing needed fixed.

She wrote in an email, “the cameras are not in need of repair. As previously stated, there was a slight delay to download images, but it is not indicative of a system malfunction.”

However, last month an attorney with the Ohio Patrolman’s Benevolent Association spoke out.

We asked Danielle Chaffin what happened after the security breach and a guard reporting the malfunctioning camera. She answered, simply, “nothing.”

“Cameras not working or cameras being blurry is a big problem. I’ve been in the dispatch room. I’ve seen the wall of cameras. They’re not good cameras. You’re expected to watch up to 100 cameras at once,” said Chaffin.

City records also show no formal “work order” to repair any cameras at that water plant since the security breach.