CLEVELAND (WJW) – The FOX 8 I-Team obtained new video that reveals a new look at how an SUV almost flipped over a bridge and crashed down onto the busy Innerbelt.

It happened last month, killing the driver.

Traffic cameras captured the driver going the wrong way, speeding, losing control and flipping end over end down East 22nd Street in Cleveland. The vehicle finally came to a stop after plowing into a fence and a bridge over the highway.

Now, Cleveland police body camera video takes you to the scene through the eyes of the first officers there.

One officer’s camera provides a close-up view of part of the vehicle left out over the bridge with traffic passing below. The first officer can be heard saying to the driver, “Sir, can you hear me?” but police said the driver had already died.

The new video also shows what witnesses told police.

“I was hanging a left and he was coming at a high rate of speed,” one said.

The officer asked, “Northbound on the opposite side?” 

The witness responded with, “At a high rate of speed. He jumped the median and when he jumped the median, he lost control.”

Now, more than a month has passed since the crash, but it’s still not clear what caused the driver to go the wrong way and lose control.

Police said at the time they suspected drugs or alcohol played a role. The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s office still has the case under investigation.

Emergency crews and a tow truck operator delicately took the SUV off of the fence before it could fall down to the highway.