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CLEVELAND (WJW) – The FOX 8 I-Team has obtained video and pictures showing more wrong-way drivers on local highways.

Two of the cases happened this past weekend and it has the I-Team asking new questions about your safety behind the wheel.

Early Saturday morning, a witness called 911 from the Jennings Freeway in Cleveland, saying, “There’s a car going down the freeway the opposite way in the fast lane.”

Video from Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) highway cameras shows a wrong-way driver barreling ahead while other traffic gets out of the way.

Meantime, pictures just released to the I-Team show a driver getting on the Shoreway the wrong way.

That driver was picked up by sensors put on the ramp to alert police because of so many wrong-way drivers there.

In the early Monday morning hours, a witness coming off of I-490 reported a wrong-way driver.

“Coming around the bend, there’s a car driving the wrong way coming towards us,” she said.

The new cases come to light weeks after a wrong-way driver caused a deadly crash on Interstate 90.

Police say a driver recently caused a crash on I-90 while running from officers and going the wrong way.

Months ago, the I-Team reported ODOT had been talking about a local wrong way driver safety corridor. It’s a plan for cameras and sensors at every ramp along a stretch of highway.

ODOT spokesman Matt Bruning told us that is still in the works, but it’s not moving forward yet.

“That could be in the next couple of years, for sure,” Bruning said. “The issue for us, when it comes to wrong-way drivers, is not so much what to do, but where to do it. And, so, we are looking at trying to identify the exit ramps.”

Stopping wrong way drivers can be harder than you might think.  The driver spotted by sensors coming up the Shoreway off-ramp was never found.

The one at I-71 and I-490 called in by a witness was never found.

Even one just before Thanksgiving, captured for miles on highway cameras along I-480, was never found.

Wrong-way drivers often turn around before police get there or they get off the highway. Police may not have an officer nearby at that moment and the wrong-way drivers keep moving and disappear quickly.

One man indicted for causing a recent wrong-way crash on the Shoreway is fighting his charges.

The deadly crash in September involving a wrong-way driver is still under investigation.

The most recent incidents did not result in anyone getting critically hurt.