CLEVELAND (WJW) – The FOX 8 I-Team has found City of Cleveland plow crews will not have a new GPS mapping system in this week’s winter storm to help them get around to city streets more quickly.

Yet, since last winter, city hall had promised a new system.

Taxpayers complained bitterly about streets missed by plows and delays in seeing plows. Officials admitted that plow drivers used old-fashioned paper maps to know where to go.

Over the summer, the city spent big money on the new technology.

But, now, with severe winter weather upon us, we heard vague answers from the public works director when we questioned him about the new system that could show plow drivers the best routes.

Wednesday morning, we asked Frank Williams to tell us how many of the trucks do not yet have the technology for the mapping system installed.

“The technology is being installed as we speak. I don’t have that information right now. It’s dynamic,” he said.

We also wondered why, in late December, it’s not ready to be rolled out.

“The implementation and training and testing has been going on all summer long, and now, we’re at the point of testing in an event time,” he said.

So, more testing to be done after an actual snowfall. Still, we couldn’t get a clear answer on how many plows even have the new system.

Again, the public works director tells us the technology is still being installed, but only hours earlier, the mayor’s office had sent an email claiming the new GPS systems had already been put into all plow trucks.

Yet, union leaders didn’t know of any system fully installed.

Dan Chavez spoke for Teamsters Local 507, saying, “I have not seen one in any of the trucks and that’s very concerning to us.”

Chavez says not to blame the plow drivers if your street doesn’t get done more quickly.

“It’s the lack of management that the city’s providing to make sure that the resources they spent money on are being used properly,” he said.

“This is a process that takes a while,” Director Williams added.

He said the city is still training drivers on the new GPS system in classrooms and on streets.

Nonetheless, as winter weather returns, we can’t get clear answers about the new system and how ready it is to make a difference on your streets.

“Based on some testing we planned for this event, it will give me an opportunity to gauge how useable the system is,” Williams said.

The I-Team noticed plow trucks with brackets mounted on the dashboard to hold computer screens.

The mayor’s office says computer tablets are assigned to drivers on every shift, but the union says tablets haven’t been getting assigned.

We plan to keep watching to see when this new system starts to help plow drivers on your streets.