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CLEVELAND- The FOX 8 I-TEAM has obtained an internal memo revealing a new policy for Cuyahoga County employees wearing masks depending on whether or not they’ve had the COVID-19 vaccine.

The memo was just distributed, and the new policy starts next week.

It says if employees show proof they’ve had the COVID vaccine shot, they, generally, do not have to wear a mask in County buildings. They will, however, have a sticker placed on their ID badges to be seen at all times.

Workers not vaccinated will be required to continue wearing masks.

Some County employees, privately, tell the I-TEAM that they believe the new policy singles out people who did or did not, get the shot.

The County, though, says the new policy is modeled after one put in place at MetroHealth Medical Center.

And, the policy points out, workers may still have to wear a mask when dealing with the public whether they’ve had the shot or not. The policy says, “As instructed by a director, employees, regardless of their vaccination status, may be required to wear a mask, such as when engaged in public facing duties or inside the County jail.”

A union business agent with Local 860 said, overall, he’s glad to see a policy outlined specifically in writing. He said some county workers have been written up for discipline in recent months over mask rules violations.