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HOUSTON (WJW) – A woman, who has a pending lawsuit against Cleveland Browns Quarterback Deshaun Watson accusing him of sexual misconduct, has now sued the Houston Texans, alleging the organization enabled his behavior.

Toi Garner filed the lawsuit Monday in Harris County District Court. 

“Watson’s behavior with the plaintiff is part of a disturbing, predatory and incriminating pattern with a multiple of female victims,” the suit filed, by Attorney Tony Buzbee states. “It has been widely reported in the press that Watson sought out at least 66 different massage therapists in a short time span, mostly by Instagram. The truth is that number is likely more than a hundred. Watson did so while employed by the Houston Texans, using his status and resources provided to him as a Houston Texans player.”

The suit further notes that the Houston police detective who investigated 10 complaints filed against Watson uncovered Cash App receipts for massage therapy that revealed Watson used more than 50 different massage therapists in less than a 17-month period.  That detective, Kamesha Baker, stated in depositions that she felt Watson committed criminal acts.

Watson, however, faces no criminal charges. A grand jury in Harris County heard nine of the cases and a grand jury in Brazoria County heard one. Both grand juries declined to indict him.

The suit also speaks about the Browns and the NFL.

“Watson, a high-profile player publicly accused of assaulting more than 20 women, was aggressively pursued by multiple teams and ultimately received one of the most lucrative contracts in NFL history,” the suit states. “Despite claims that it did extensive due diligence, not one question was asked by Watson’s new employer of the victims about Watson’s alleged behavior. No effort was made to obtain the police file or speak to the investigating officers.”

The suit further notes NFL investigators spoke to a third of the alleged victims.

Browns officials say they investigated thoroughly.

Garner is one of four women whose lawsuit is still pending against Watson. Twenty-four women filed lawsuits against Watson. Attorney Tony Buzbee, who represents all 24, told the I-Team last week 20 of the women have settled the suits.

Garner’s suit against the Texans also alleges the Texans were aware of “what can only be described as troubling behavior” and turned a “blind eye.”

“Worse, the Houston Texans organization enabled Watson’s egregious behavior,” the suit states.

The suit further notes that the owner of Genuine Touch, the company that provided massage therapy for the Texans, told officials with the team about Watson’s “habit of seeking out an unusually high number of massages from random strangers on Instagram.”

“Genuine Touch was also aware that at least one of its therapists had, and another was having , sexual relations with Watson during massage sessions,” the suit states. “Despite this behavior, and after yet another woman questioned Watson’s behavior and threatened to expose Watson on the internet, the Houston Texans organization – rather than investigate and address Watson’s disturbing behavior – instead provided Watson with a NDA to “protect himself” going forward from the random women he was finding on Instagram. Watson himself admits he used the NDA he obtained from the Texans exclusively for massages. The Texans also had the potentially explosive post about Watson’s behavior scrubbed from the internet.”

The I-Team reached out to the Texans to discuss the lawsuit. A spokeswoman for the organization released a statement saying they are aware of the lawsuit.

“Since March 2021, we have fully supported and complied with law enforcement and the various investigations,” the statement reads. “We will continue to take the necessary steps to address the allegations against our organization.”

Watson will meet with an NFL hearing officer Tuesday. Several league sources have said the NFL is pushing for Watson to be suspended for at least a full season.

Watson’s legal team and the player’s association will be representing him at the hearing.

It’s not known when the hearing officer will make a decision.