CLEVELAND (WJW) — Video released to the FOX 8 I-Team reveals what happened during a recent Cleveland police crackdown on street takeovers.

But other video we revealed this week shows the problem didn’t stop with that recent crackdown.

The I-Team requested police video from what officers did last month in Operation S.T.O.P., which the city called Stop Street Takeovers Permanently.

Police set up a sting to break up a “planned ride” of drivers in cars and riders on dirt bikes and ATVs. Investigators said they found multiple vehicles grouping for a ride in a parking lot near West 65th Street and Denison Avenue.

The video released to the I-Team shows what happened after those drivers scattered.

In one scene, officers had multiple cars blocked on the side of the road, yet you could still hear loud engines revving nearby.

Another scene shows police running to a spot behind a house where they had tracked two suspects. They arrested both men, and they pulled a gun out of the waistband of one man.

Police even tracked down one suspect days later. When he asked what was going on, an officer said he was being taken in for “aggravated riot.”

Police said they wrote 35 tickets and they arrested five people on warrants or weapons charges.

It’s the second big crackdown. But, we’ve also shown you street takeovers with no enforcement.

Time and again, the I-Team has exposed video of packs of dirt bike riders ignoring traffic laws everyone else has to follow.

We’ve also seen cars blocking intersections, burning rubber and more.

While this latest crackdown took place last month, the I-Team revealed more street takeovers last weekend.

Long lines of illegal dirt bikes on the east side, downtown and the west side. Riders even interfered with an ambulance.

Police reported another rider fired a gunshot at officers.

All of that, and yet, no police action.

One visitor from out of town last weekend even described his experience to the I-Team.

“The only word that I could think of as the night went on was ‘pure chaos.’ This was intimidating,” said Dr. Richard Misischia.

In a statement, Cleveland Police said:

“The Cleveland Division of Police will continue to enforce traffic codes. Violators will be cited and arrested and vehicles will continue to be towed in an effort to STOP this activity. Citizens are reminded that policing is a partnership between officers and residents.”

Residents are encouraged to report illegal or suspicious activity by calling 9-1-1 in an emergency or 216-621-1234 in non-emergency. Anonymous tips can be sent to CrimeStoppers at 216-25-CRIME (216-252-7463).

While the latest crackdown resulted mostly in traffic tickets, a few cases could lead to felony indictments.