CLEVELAND (WJW) – The FOX 8 I-Team has uncovered exclusive new leads and pictures in the unsolved mystery surrounding the death of Cory Barron.

We’ve learned police are now investigating an “incident” that may have led to his death, and detectives released photos to the I-Team that could provide new clues.

Eight years ago, 22-year-old Cory Barron went to a concert in downtown Cleveland with his brother and sister. Hours later, he ended up missing, and a few days later he was found dead in a landfill.

In July of 2014, officials said Barron died after falling down a garbage chute at Progressive Field during a Jason Aldean concert. The Lorain County Coroner’s office ruled the manner of death as undetermined.

“From the beginning, we’ve always said we do not believe this was an accident,” said Matt Barron, Cory’s father. Matt said Cory was over 6 feet tall and wouldn’t accidentally fall into a 2-by-2 garbage chute.

Now, a Cleveland homicide detective is asking more questions and gathering new evidence.

“We became aware of a potential incident that occurred,” said Cleveland Homicide Detective Sgt. Aaron Reese.

On Wednesday, Reese released two photographs to the I-Team that were taken during the concert, showing sections 468 and 570.  Section 468 is where officials believe Cory was last seen alive.

“We are asking anyone who was there in 2014 or knows someone that was there to please take a look at any pictures you may have,” Reese said. “We’d just like to talk to anybody who was there and anyone who could’ve saw anything out of the ordinary.”

Reese also confirmed he did recently submit some DNA evidence to a lab and is looking to gather additional DNA evidence.

In May 2021, the Lorain County Coroner’s Office asked Cleveland homicide detectives to take a look at the case after private investigators, all retired federal agents, identified “persons of interest “ in the case. Barron’s family had asked the investigators to gather evidence.

The investigators have previously told the I-Team that Cory had bruises to the head and chest that were caused prior to his death. The investigators believe Cory’s death was a homicide.

Leading the investigators to that conclusion are discussions with Cory’s family, police, the coroner’s office, as well as a witness, who gave a chilling account of what took place that night.

The witness told investigators that around 9:45 Cory was seen in an argument with another man and that when Cory went to leave several individuals followed him.

Reese tells the I-Team there is more work to be done on the case.

“There’s still more testing that we’re trying to get conducted,” Reese said.  “Still more people that we want to interview. We want to look into what’s been brought to our attention by several people now.”

Cory’s family is offering up to a $50,000 reward for information that leads to closure in the case.

“We are very happy at the fact that homicide’s taking another look at this and that there’s been some additional information brought forward,” Matt Barron said. “There are answers out there.”

Cory’s family says they hoping to finally find out exactly what happened that night.

“There’s things that definitely warrant an investigation,” Reese said.  “And we have to see it through.”

Anyone with a tip should call the Cleveland Police Homicide Unit at (216)623-5464.